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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Dragon



The figure of the dragon had penetrated into all aspects of ancient Chinese culture, and has become a powerful spiritual symbol for the Chinese. Did dragons really exist? A number of Chinese history books have recorded some of the testimony about the existence of dragons, which makes it interesting to examine whether dragons actually exist.

According to Wikipedia, the shape of the original dragon is a giant reptiles like snakes in a big or it could be said as a winged lizard. the term dragon is a Sanskrit word or uptake of ancient India which means "snake". as for those who believe that the dragon was found in different regions or different countries: that is in them are in China, Europe, India, and Kalimantan.

in China there is a tradition said that creature called Lung Liong or generally translated into English by the term dragon. This creature is described as a giant snake, complete with horns, tentacles, and claws, so different from the dragon version of India.

India version of itself says that the Dragon is Rishi Kasyapa children from his marriage to Goddess Kadru. Their names are famous, among others, Sesa, Takshaka, Basuki, Karkotaka, Korawya, and Dhritarashtra. Naga nation, amounting to thousands of people have two cousins ​​and intangible bird called the nation Kaga. Both were named Aruna and Garuda, who was the son of Goddess Winata who is also married to Rishi Kasyapa. Thus, the relationship between the Dragon with Kaga apart as well as half-brother's cousin. Yet their relationship is not good and often involved disputes. Among the Dragons have also become gods, ie Sesa, the oldest of the sons Kadru. He broke away from her sisters and ascetic life purify themselves. He was eventually appointed as the god of the serpent, Ananta title.

in Europe, myths and folk tales about the dragon also has grown in the Western world since centuries ago. Dragon in the Western world is described as large lizards with two hands and two legs who has wings so big, it also has the ability to spout flames and is described as having an underground cave. Dragon has always portrayed human prey.

The Fortune, noted a strange phenomenon, Jiaxing Local Government tells a similar story: "In the month of September 1588 AD, seen white dragon in the lake Ping, the Pinghu, Zhejiang Province. The dragon was flying over the lake, illuminating some of the sky with red light. "

In 24 years of the reign of Emperor Dong Han Dynasty Jian'an at (219 M), a yellow dragon appeared in Chishui River, Wuyang city and stayed there for nine days before finally disappearing. A temple was built and a booth set up at the temple to honor the appearance of the dragon.

still there is much more evidence that states that dragons are real, not just a myth or fantasy of the people. and for more details more about the shape and the myth of the dragon you can access the sites below.


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